Need for waterproofing

A bathroom or kitchen not waterproofed can ruin interiors, hassle residents, and incur significant repair costs in the future.

Healthy Tips

It is essential that water used in bathrooms and kitchen is drained out only through the pipes


Dr Fixit Pidicrete URP , Dr Fixit Bathseal Tape & Dr Fixit Bathseal Grout

  • Clean the surface well to make it free of dust, dirt, lataince, oil, grease etc
  • Level the surface by removing protrusions and sharp points
  • Wash well with water to clean
  • Provide 50 mm x 50 mm angle fillets using cement sand mortar mixed with Dr Fixit Pidicrete URPat all wall to floor junctions to prevent passage of water
  • Seal all grooves / trenches for pipes with cement sand mortar modified with Dr Fixit Pidicrete URP
  • Wrap the portion of pipes that are inserted through the walls and floors with Dr Fixit Bathseal Tape– a twin side adhesive tape
  • Fill the gaps around these pipe inserts with Dr Fixit Bathseal Grout

 Dr. Fixit Bathseal WPC

  • Apply a brush coat of  Fixit Bathseal WPC all over in the sunken portion and up to the finished floor level and extending on the wall in shower splash zone area -180mm x 150mm (ht x width)
  • While the first coat is still wet fix glass fibre mesh on the angle fillets extending about 15-20 mm on wall and ground. Allow the first coat to dry for about 6-8 hrs
    • Apply 2nd coat of  Fixit Bathseal WPCall over and allow drying for 6-8 hrs
    • Use Roff NSAas recommended for mixing and application to fix tiles
    • Use Roff RTM Epoxy Tile Groutto fill all tile joints to ensure completely leakfree tiling for flooring and wall
    • Finally use Dr Fixit Bathseal Sealant– acrylic sealant – to seal all gaps around all sanitary fixtures, wash basin, bathtub, windows etc