Need for waterproofing

Seepage and leakage from overhead and underground tanks spoils the décor, helps growth of algae and fungus and leads to weakening of the structure. Such areas hence need to be waterproofed but also at the same time safe for potable water.


Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP & Dr. Fixit Fastflex

  • Surface to be treated should be clean and free from dirt, oil and other loose material
  • concrete or masonry surfaces should be fully cured prior to application
  • All surface cracks, undulations and voids must be repaired appropriately before application
  • Properly grout all construction joints using polymer modified mortar using Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP
  • Surface to be treated with Dr. Fixit Fastflex must be in saturated surface dry condition prior to application


Dr. Fixit Fastflex

  • Apply Dr. Fixit Fastflex by brush
  • Allow the 1st coat to dry completely for 6 – 8 hrs before applying the 2nd coat
  • Apply the 2nd coat in perpendicular direction to the 1st coat and sprinkle coarse sand over it while it is still wet
  • Plaster the inner surface after 24 hours using Dr. Pidiproof LW+ and cure completely for 7 days prior to filling with water